When It Doesn't Make Sense

Andrew Orlando


Description:What do you do when you have discovered the will of God for your life, but it didn't turn out the way you thought it would?

Miracle Family

Andrew Orlando


Description:Pastror Andrew shares 7 Keystone Habits of a Miracle Family

Unlikely Outcomes

Andrew Orlando


Description:“Many of us are living right in the middle of an absolute miracle and we don’t even know it!”

Vision Sunday - MIRACLES

Andrew Orlando


Description:God is moving us into a season of MIRACLES. In this unique time together Pastor Andrew & Tavianna share what God has in store for 2016.... and its BIG!

Culture Of Honor

Jeremy Qualls


Description:This week, for pastor appreciation month, pastor Jeremy Qualls delivers a message on honoring those around you!

A Word Of Encouragement

Andrew Orlando


Description:One of the most incredible things you could ever do is encourage somone else. We live in a discouraging world, but God is an encourager!In this message Pastor Andrew talks to us about becoming an encourager, and he shows us how!

What Is Church

Andrew Orlando


Description:What Is Church? Theres is something wrong with that question. Church is not a "what" but a "who". In this message Pastor Andrew will take us to the book of Ephesians where we see several images of who the church is to be.

The Pattern Of Worship

Andrew Orlando


Description:It is not possible to discover a place in worship while continuing to ignore clear directions on how to worship. In this message Pastor Andrew walks us through the Biblical Pattern of worship.

The Whole-Hearted Worshipper

Andrew Orlando


Description:When it comes to worship many people have public opinions without alot of private convictions. In this message Pastor Andrew focuses on the personal aspect of worship and shares with us worship must be private before it can ever be public.

Knowing Gods Word

Jeremy Qualls


Description:Pastor Jeremy talks to us about knowing God and His word.

Prayer & The Holy Spirit

Andrew Orlando


Description:Struggling with what to pray? The Holy Spirit helps us. When the Creator chooses to dwell within His creation, there is transformation. If Jesus has come to dwell within you, through the person of the Holy Spirit, you are no longer suited for a normal life.

To Be Born Again

Andrew Orlando


Description:“Three things are necessary for the salvation of man; to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do.”-St. Thomas AquinasIn this introduction message pastor Andrew leads us to the truths both the needs for salvation and the steps to be born again.

Family Matters

Jeremy Qualls


Description:An extraordinary message about the process of growing in faith from Pastor Jeremy Qualls our youth pastor here at CBC North Sound